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So, I have a blog now! I have ventured outside of my normal bubble that is Instagram, to start writing and try something new. I’m never one for chichés but with a new year comes a new start for anything you want (this year it seems anyway) so here I am.


I hit a crossroad a little while ago, not knowing whether to carry on illustrating or do a short course in something else. I was super lost. This led me to several decisions – one of them being to change my online presence a bit and do this. I have been meaning to for a couple of months but never knew the right angle to take for it!

Instead of using photographs for my blog I will primarily be using my illustrations. These will be of the usual fashion topics (that everyone has seen before) but with a mix of food & drink, places I visit / commentary on whatever theme or thing I feel like speaking about at the time – I really don’t know how this will pan out but hopefully it’s interesting to at least a few people!

(I’m sure it will take me a while to get the hang of this so pls bear with me while I get to grips and find a good routine for posting, coming up with and finding content etc etc.)


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